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  • I have used your plugin on many sites in the past and it always works great. This time, I have an issue I haven’t come across before.

    My customer has .com and .net versions of their domain, and both show up in Google results due to how their prior site was set up. The new WordPress site is using .com, with .net “parked” in cpanel. The redirect plugin works great when you click on a Google result referencing the .com, but when you click on a result that uses the .net, it doesn’t redirect and instead goes to the original link, resulting in a 404.

    Is there a way to allow the plugin/Wordpress to recognize that the .net version is also associated with the site, since the REQUEST field uses relative and not absolute links?

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  • ummm why not consider having the .net (old domain) added as alias?

    You can also add the .net domain as add-on domain or host it separately and host 1 page with permanent redirect to new site. Google will transfer page rank etc to the new site automatically

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