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Redirecting from wordpress.com

  • pixelape4


    I have recently migrated from wordpress.com to a Yahoo Hosted (not recommended) wordpress.org app. Which I had to hand update from v2.0 to 2.2 (for another topic).

    Now that everything is working like a charm. How can I redirect my users from wp.com to wp.org (callwaveblog.com/blog)?

    Apparently, the wp.com moderator says it can’t be done, leaving me with the only logical option, remove all posts except a “We Moved” post with a link.

    Is there a better way?

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  • Doodlebee


    There is, but you don’t have access to it. It would require you to have access to the .htaccess file.

    Alternatively, if you can edit your own theme in your wordpress.com account (I don’t know if you can edit themes there – never had one), you could add a meta redirect to your new site in the header.php file – but I don’t know if you are allowed to edit your theme files over there.



    Thanks doodlebee! I’ll see if I can dink with the theme, but I think it’s a lost cause.

    Here’s what a wp.com Moderator had to say:

    drmike Moderator
    January 30th, 2006 at 1:28 pm

    Unfortunaely we do not have access to the meta tags here at WP.com. Best bet is just have your final post point to the new blog with a link that they can click on.

    You’d think they would address that issue, since they encourage us users to go it alone.

    Now that I’m on my own, I totally love WP. There’s nothing you can’t do with a little FTP access and half a brain. =)

    It’s too easy for spammers to abuse.

    Actually the current workaround since that time is to empty out your sidebar of everything except for a single text widget explaining that you have relocated and giving a link to your new blog. You may also want to consider marking your wp.com blog as not being indexable by the search engines so they will stop seeing your old blog and find your new one.

    Hope this helps,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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