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Redirecting all posts to outside links– SEO implications?

  • I’m a journalist using WordPress as a way to organize all my writing. I’d ideally like to have the whole site be links to my clips (on other sites) but I want to be able to sort those links by client, article type, topic etc, so I’m creating each link as a post for organization purposes, but I don’t really want an actual post to exist. I originally set this up with a redirect plugin that used a 301 redirect for every post. I am currently very happy with the appearance and functionality of the site (www.sarahcpwilliams.com) using this method, but it has dropped from being the first search result for my name in Google for many years (in previous iterations of the site which were not organized this way) to not appearing in search results at all. The new site has been up about three months so I don’t think it’s an indexing issue, but I assume it has to do with the large number of redirects in the site. My issue might be a larger SEO problem than this forum can deal with, but I’m wondering if there’s an obvious way to organize my site that would work better for both my functionality and SEO that I’m not thinking about. Any suggestions or examples of WordPress sites that are organized with the content primarily being outgoing links?

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  • I think that’s because your website does not have any text content at all. Provide some description for each link that you are posting – what it is , what that contains or some story behind it, personal opinions etc.

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