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[Resolved] Redirecting after login, registration not allowed

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    Hi @fkwong,

    In the visual editor for login page, there is a dropdown provided for Users Ultra shortcodes. You can see that the very first item is the login shortcodes. There is a submenu that will show when you hover over the signup menu item. There you will see the second item down, which says “Login Form with Custom Redirect”. If you chose that item, it will place the shortcode on that page and you can edit the redirect URL to whatever you want to redirect to.

    You are seeing “User registration is currently not allowed” because you have your WordPress settings to not allow registration. Users Ultra conforms to WordPress settings for registration.

    I hope this helps you.


    Hi Dot 07,

    Thanks! didnt notice the button in the visual editor.

    On the note of the user registration, how do you get the registration page like the one in the demo? Currently the only option is to register by creating a WordPress profile. In short, can I create the user account database independently?

    Many thanks

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    Hi fkwong,

    Could you please explain your issue a little bit better?

    Do you mean you would like to get a registration page like this one http://usersultra.com/userultra/registration/? if so.. please create a new page through your WordPress admin and add this shortcode [usersultra_registration]

    You may also check the “Doc” tab in the Users Ultra Dashboard, there are some useful shortcode there and.. there if you check the WP HTML editor we have added a new button that will let you add shortocodes easily.

    Let me know if your issue has been resolved.

    Hi Alex,

    http://usersultra.com/userultra/registration/? is exactly what I meant and have created that page independently which works perfectly well.

    The issue is on the login page (more explicitly http://xibomarketing.com/login-page/) I used [usersultra_login] which has a bult in register button but that leads to wordpress’s login/registration page instead. How would I get about in changing that hyperlink to my registration page?

    I’ve attached 2 screenshots to illustrate this:


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    Ohh, i see.

    Please go to UU Dashboard / Settings, scroll down until “Redirect Settings” and make sure that Redirect Backend Login and Redirect Backend Registrations are checked.

    Let me know if that fixes teh issue.

    Ahah, Fantastic, thank you ever so much 🙂

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    You’re very welcome,

    Have a great day!

    Hi again Alex,

    Somehow the login page doesn’t actually log me in after me entering the credentials. How do I revert the settings? As I cant log in to wp-admin now, which file and line of code should I edit through FTP?


    Dropdown values are not listing, it display in same line how to solve this??


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    Hello Elangeeran,

    Thanks for your post.

    I’d recommend you opening your own post.

    This post has been marked as resolved.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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