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  • Hi folks, maybe someone here can help me. I posted about this problem four days ago on the Red Alt Support Forum (the author of the Redirectify plugin’s own forum), but he has yet to respond or offer any assistance whatsoever, so maybe someone here can help… Here is what I posted:

    I’ve had Redirectify on my WordPress blog and it was working great… until I just updated to latest version of WordPress (2.0). Now, when I click on a previously redirected link, instead of taking me to the page, I get a blank white page with “OK” at the top and “The document has moved here” with “here” being a link to the page it was supposed to be redirecting to. Is there an update in the works for Redirectify for WordPress 2.0 that will correct this? Or is there a patch available that will fix this so my users won’t run into that “OK” page?

    Any help appreciated!


    (To test it, click on the either the “GaragePunk Forums” or “GaragePunk Podcast” link in the menu in the header of my blog.)

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  • Hmm. That appears to be the server providing the HTTP status response (200 OK) page.

    If everything else has stayed the same, I can’t say why this would happen. However, I can suggest a change to the plugin which *may* work around anything WordPress may be doing.

    In redirectify.php (either through the plugin editor, or offline in a text editor), look for the following line:


    Comment this out and add a new line:

    // wp_redirect($redirect);
    header("Location: $redirect");

    I’m not seeing anything all that different in the wp_redirect() function, but if the above works…

    Same problem… and I can’t find redirectify.php.

    Please help!

    I can’t find redirectify.php

    It’s the plugin file. In the plugins directory. Under WordPress’ plugin editor it would be called…Redirectify.


    I did as you suggested and commented out that one line, then added the other below it, but it made no difference. Still have the same problem. Any other ideas?


    You could try:

    header("Refresh: 0;url=$redirect");

    instead of header("Location: $redirect").

    Redirectify just passes off to the WordPress function wp_redirect(), and *that* merely decides which of the two header lines I’ve covered are passed to the browser on a redirect. The only difference between 1.5.x and 2.0 wp_redirect() is that in 2.0 it strips carriage returns (new line) from the url if there are any. This is the only thing we’re bypassing by providing the header() in the plugin.

    If the above doesn’t work all I can suggest is to try the version of Redirectify you’re *not* using, in case the differences between the two are at issue:

    header(“Location: $redirect”)

    I’m sorry, but where would I find the above line of code to replace it? I did not see that in redirectify.php.

    And should I leave the other change you suggested earlier in place, or undo it?

    Thanks again,

    This is in the Redirectify plugin file:


    You would change that out with the code you quoted, or the one I noted just above.

    Awesome. Replacing wp_redirect($redirect); with header("Location: $redirect") worked perfectly! So for anyone else who’s experiencing this problem, that’s all you should have to do.


    I am having th eexact same problem since moving my blog to a top level domain on a new server.I tried the above suggestion and got an error.I then tried several variations that either gave me the same error or the same problem from the start.

    Anyone have any more ideas?

    How do you actually redirect a page or post with this?

    Just wondered as it may be useful 🙂

    Once you intstall the plugin and activate it.You do this:

    Btw, the problem I was having was fixed using this code : header(“Refresh: 0;url=$redirect”);

    @bhoney: THANK YOU! Your fix worked perfectly!

    This should be added to the codex, or perhaps Owen Winkler can update Redirectify with the fix coded in somehow.

    (p.s. – Owen, thanks for the plug-in!)

    Tnx by the coment “Kafkaesqui”.Works for me!

    header(“Refresh: 0;url=$redirect”);

    Good fix! It’s actually a smooth redirect as opposed to manually entering in HTML redirect codes. Thanks for this.

    In case people care :), there’s also my CG-Redirect plugin which offers similar functionality. And instead of adding a custom meta field, you just add the redirect in the body content, like:
    <redirect />

    … or any other valid url. 😉

    It uses the Location: style redirection, AND also issues http and status header codes for the redirect (defaults to 302, but you can change it to something else, or just set it to 0 to disable setting the headers…). Good for setting up Page links, but having the search engines cache the destination page and not the ‘pass-through’ page. 😉 (which good engines would do anyway, but…)


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