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  • I’m working on a client’s website.
    I’ve installed a theme (Campaign). Everything is swell, except for the permalinks.
    I’ve changed them to the post name, but my client’s website is a redirected website from (I’m assuming) his old designer (, so the permalinks do work… but not on my client’s site…

    For example: brings me to Robert’s contact page (with the joshlyon url)
    but just directs to

    It’s not the most ideal to have Robert’s url changing, especially because he is a politician, and that’s just a weird thing to happen.

    But is there any way to go around this? He’s super adamant about having permalinks.

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  • has a 301 redirect setup, that’s why it’s redirecting to the other website. I checked http status for that URL and it says 301. So somewhere there is a 301 redirect.

    I know that’s it’s redirecting; that’s how the whole website works. WordPress was installed to, and everything was redirected to robertkiley (his hosting probably wasn’t able to install wordpress).

    The question is how to make permalinks on, instead of, or in addition to

    How is the redirect setup from to

    I’m not sure. My client has no web experience, and isn’t in contact with Josh anymore. All I was given was his WordPress login info

    This might be a good opportunity to maybe move off of josh’s account to your client’s own hosting? If he’s not in contact with Josh, eventually website will break or go down and you won’t be able to fix it.

    It’s possible that they have domain forwarding setup, so all traffic is forwarded from one domain to another with path forwarding enabled. So it keeps /contact and other URLs and simply redirects domain. That’s my guess.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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