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  • Hello,

    Our WordPress site has ran successfully for several years, but I have recently run into an issue that I cannot figure out how to resolve. Whenever any admin or subscriber logs in to the site, it takes them directly to the dashboard, and if you click “Visit site” at the top or alter the web address, it redirects you to the dashboard again. The subscribers have never been able to see the dashboard in the past and we would like for them to go directly to the main site when logging in. Has anyone had this issue or know how to reset the site back to its previous settings?

    Thank you.

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  • Hey rachelgonzalez,

    Can you post an address? Also, does the site allow for anyone to subscribe (so we can check out what you are saying)?


    Hi James,

    Thank you for your response. Here is the link for the site:

    This blog is members only and unfortunately, I am unable to give external access to the actual site. Is this an issue that other people run into? I cannot seem to find anything on the admin page that would have made this issue happen.

    Just getting a white screen when I go to that web address, Rachel 🙁

    I also tried hitting the main domain “” and got a “redirect” error.

    If you’ve not, try disabling any and all plugins you have running as well as going back to the default WordPress theme. See if you’re issues are still there when you’re at the base level. If not, start activating plugins one at a time (and checking for the issues).

    Hopefully this might help you isolate the bugger!

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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