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  • I have moved my wordpress site, well actually duplicated it. It’s here
    and here

    I am really confused. I downloaded the wordpress files from bravenet (my host) then uploaded them into (all on the same host)
    The UFO site was working but the links/tabs took you to the old site. But I could access everything the links were just links and addresses once you left the UFO mainpage.

    So I went to the instructions here on how to move a site and changed the theme code then put it back like directed to. All the links changed and everything is great but I can’t log in and my members can’t.

    So I have 2 sites running off one database as best I can tell. I have about 1000 hours into the site and am afraid of losing it.

    Could my issue be that 2 sites are running? How can I just disable the one site if that is the issue? I am afraid of losing stuff.

    Any suggestions? I’ve got people who need to log in to their accounts. No one can log in from me to the members. It’s a non for profit site.

    Oh and when I try to log in on the page it says “not found”.

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  • Is the new site? I ask, because it looks like has links to

    If all you did was download the information from one site and upload it to the other, then the links will naturally point to the other one.

    Though it sounds like you then changed the theme, which would fix your links – but not necessarily your login.

    To do that, you would need to actually login to the new site (which I think is, so I’m really not sure).

    Looking at the source of your login page (because that’s the only one I looked at), there are icons, backgrounds and other items that come from Also, you have some redirects that go to:

    It looks like maybe this plugin has something to do with it, so you’ll want to check that. And make sure all your assets are pointing to the right place in your various templates from your theme, because it doesn’t look like they are right now.

    If you have these values hardcoded, you might want to consider using the wp_upload_dir function instead, so if you move at any point, you don’t need to change things.



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    Did you review the relevant instructions in Moving_WordPress?

    Yes I used the instructions but now I cannot find the exact instruction page I used.

    After I moved a copy of the site to the site would come up on (which is the important thing because people need the info) but once they clicked any link it took them to the old site.

    I hunted and hunted through this site. Much of it is over my head I’m sorry to say. The directions I used (from here) said I could finish changing the links from to by changing the theme’s (Mantra) (I think this is the right file, I’m trying to remember) wp-config.PHP file by adding script and then saving, loading the site and then removing the script.

    Sure enough all the public pages load as now. BUT I cannot log in.

    I have manually searched through files trying to find what is luck.

    To clarify I am trying to move the site to I have a lot of traffic there already.

    I have userpro a purchased plugin running. I don’t want to delete it because it includes all the people who have signed up for the site. It is similar to buddypress.

    If I can just get logged in I think I can figure out the rest.

    Thank you for any suggestions. 🙂 I have been trying to follow directions.



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    now I cannot find the exact instruction page I used.

    Try reviewing the page at the link I posted above.

    It is not that one I will hunt through my history



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    The page I posted a link to is THE canonical reference for moving a site. any other tutorial that you might have read elsewhere cannot be really be trusted.

    meanwhile any idea on how to get logged in? What file to access? The site is moved I just cannot get logged in as an administrator.

    This is what I used to move the rest of the site.

    The login page is at wp-login.php at the new domain and you should see a WordPress login page. (I didn’t add a direct link, to try and minimize any extra, unwanted activity to that page – but if you still can’t find it let me know for more details.)

    However, that page isn’t styled, which makes it seem like you may be missing something else.

    It looks like the CSS from the wp-includes directory is working:

    But the CSS from the wp-admin doesn’t work:

    That would likely indicate a permissions problem, or (somewhat less likely) that it doesn’t exist and simply can’t display the file. Still another possibility is that it’s related to one (or more) plugins. You may want to try disabling them and seeing if that helps the situation.



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    This is what I used to move the rest of the site.

    You need to follow the instructions in Moving_WordPress. Your site was not moved correctly.

    If I try to log in it takes me to the hosting company’s page and says I do not have permission to access the information. So I tried logging in with the hosting company then doing the login, still does not work.

    If I login from my site it says “not found”

    How do I disable plugins if I cannot login?



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    Try resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.

    Ok changed the file name to plugins.hold. No change.

    My htaccess file is the same as it always has been.

    # BEGIN WordPress
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
    # END WordPress

    There are still a bunch of graphics with links to, but they are probably not causing the problem (directly) – however, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a symptom of a move gone awry.

    If you have disabled the plugins directory and there is still a problem, you should check the other permissions (notably the wp-admin directory), because it is still inaccessible:

    And it is returning a 404 error (not found), not 403 error (not authorized).

    The CSS alone isn’t going to prevent you from logging in, but it does indicate that there is a problem accessing the directory, and even if you do login successfully via the unstyled form, you won’t be able to get past it since the directory is inaccessible.

    If you find that the directory permissions are correct, you should also check for an authentication file. Look in the .htaccess file for a line similar to this one:

    AuthUserFile /usr/something/something/.htpasswd

    The part at the end is the file name. The part prior to the end is the path to the file – similar to Windows (or whatever operating system you use).

    If that line is there, and .htaccess cannot find that file, then that explains the problem. Make sure the path and file name are correct. It would indicate why this comes up when requesting something in wp-admin:

    “You must be a registered member to view this part of Please click the register tab for the private part of our site.”

    Thank you I will check the files shortly.

    The site is loading perfectly. The message you got is correct because you have to be a registered member to access that part of my site.

    The issue is just that I cannot login.

    There is NO line like that in the HTaccess file. I copied mine above.

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