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    My Goal: Use a WP template to build my entire site, not just a blog. When a viewer types in my url, “” I’d like it to open to a WP homepage I create.

    What I’ve done thus far: Installed WP (using tool from web host) to root/wordpress. I have no index.html in root, but again, I’d like to use a WP page as the home landing page.

    What should I do to achieve this goal? Redirect “”?

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  • I am doing exactly what you want to, and will be using the same approach in the future for another 20 web sites. As you did, I installed WordPress in a subfolder. I then switched the Blog URI to just the domain name.

    Documentation, titled “Giving WordPress its Own Directory While Leaving Your Blog in the Root Directory” is here:

    The following may also be useful.

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    Thanks! But I’m having an issue with my URL settings. I cannot change the WP address, the message says “This field cannot be edited”?! Any thoughts?!

    I just checked a test site I have with the latest WordPress version, and had no trouble (“Settings Saved”) in changing the Blog address (URL) field on the Settings – General page of the Admin panel.

    If you are having problems doing the same thing, I would strongly recommend doing a “normal” installation as outlined here:
    using the Download from here:

    I have seen and heard nothing but stories of grief, especially over the long run, from people who use Fantastico or other install scripts provided by Web hosting companies for products as complex as WordPress. Including my own personal experiences.

    Thanks! But I’m having an issue with my URL settings. I cannot change the WP address, the message says “This field cannot be edited”?! Any thoughts?!

    Have you defined WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL in your wp-config.php? Doing so disables the inputs in Settings->General.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! It seems that my host ( doesn’t play nice with WP. I ended up canceling my hosting account and starting fresh with bluehost! It was very easy to install, and create change the URL.

    Adiant, how are you changing the WP pages (which are meant for blogging) to something that looks more like standard web pages? I’ve read the guide on creating a static homepage, but I still don’t see alot of flexibility.

    At the moment, I only use WordPress for traditional websites. I never use Posts, and always use Pages. I have taken two approaches with WordPress, depending on how much “flexibility” I need with page format.

    The site was done with the default style and only two plug-ins, one for contact forms that I used to create an “e-mail to anyone displayed on this page” facility, and the other to create the drop-down menus (soon to be replaced with another plug-in from the same folks). Changes to page.php, header.php, footer.php and styles.css only needed to be minor, though I opted to my own solution to getting php code in pages (for database access). A new version of WordPress did require that I also overwrite images/kubrickbg-ltr.jpg with images/kubrickbgwide.jpg. And I did add a small .css file of my own to handle Breadcrumbs (which I also custom generated in my own php).

    The important changes are <div id="content" class="widecolumn" role="main"> and eliminating the sidebar. I also widened “widecolumn” in styles.css.

    But, the first live WordPress site I created had only one page, and was used as an iframe within a traditional HTML-only home page. In it, I created a “do nothing” style that allowed me to control every pixel of the web page displayed. Hopefully, you don’t need that much flexibility. Here is what the actual WordPress page looks like:

    I have a simillar problem i hope i am posting in the right place.
    Basically i have included wordpress in an iframe on the html page
    I would like to make sure that whenever someone views my blog they see it within the mock windows shell.
    I am worried that if someone searches in google they will be able to see the site bear bones i.e.
    how can i work around this? Any ideas?

    Use robots.txt to block search engines from indexing the page you are framing. This article is pretty good:

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