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  • Hi,

    I know that it was mentioned before, but in our case (magazine Site – 1.000.000 Visits/Month) – it caused a lot of errors and troubles. In our case we have Facebook Campaigns, CoSchedule (Marketing strategy and Calendar for Authors), Email Marketing through Feeds, Networking Tools and so on. Short: Everything stopped working. We had BIG trouble and lost money on this bug. We realised it after 1 1/2 days. We wondered why our traffic is so low. We saw that all Facebook Campaigns had no images of the older Posts, redirected wrong. We don´t have a wp-admin. So all of the Users saw a 404.

    We re-installed the older version.

    Now it is finally working again. How save is it to update? We can´t afford another problem like this.


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  • Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    Hi Mikkel,

    I’m sorry this has caused so many problems. The tests I run before release didn’t show this issue, which is why I have missed this problem. I have extended the test process so such an issue should be noticed in the future.

    The cause of the problem was that I changed wp_redirect in wp_safe_redirect. This resulted in this error when:
    – wp redirect was enabled in the settings
    – the user clicked a url that was not the same as the site url (e.g, www. and non-www)
    – The user had not visited the site before (then the browser would do the redirect already)

    I tested the current update without any issues on 15 sites, the fix has also been confirmed to be working by users who were having this issue with the 2.5.14 version.

    Version 2.5.16 produces a redirect to the wp-admin page on Chrome and Firefox. It doesn’t seem to redirect on Microsoft Edge. Major problem.

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    The wp redirect in 2.5.16 is the same as in earlier versions (2.5.13 and before).

    Does this issue resolve when wp redirect is disabled in the settings?

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    All the users that reported the issue with 2.5.14 have reported the issue to be resolved. Are you sure this is not a caching issue in a caching plugin or in your browser?

    It is not a plugin but it could be a browser cache of sorts. I only use Edge to test for compatibility issues. It only appears on the www. redirect.

    What do you(s) get?

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    It loads fine with me in Chrome and Firefox. So it seems to load fine!

    Thanks for you diligence to this issue.

    So the problem appears to occur with the http: to https: redirect.

    What do you(s) get with

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    I’ve checked several browsers, as well with an online redirect checker, and a proxy website, and on all tests your site redirects to the normal

    Did you clear your browser history completely?

    I thought I did but evidently not. The error is present on my desktop and mobile phone as well as my client’s laptop. But we are frequent backend users. Others I’ve asked are reporting as you are. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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