• Thanks in advance! I have created a Formidable field to find a conference room by submitting the room number. I used redirect to url to send people to the page of the conference room number they submit. It works like this:

    http://[if 112 equals=”201″]mysite.com/201-2/[/if 112][if 112 equals=”202″]mysite.com/202-2/[/if 112]

    But if the site visitor submits a room number that doesn’t exist, nothing happens. How do I set up a “default” submit to url address to send room numbers not included in the code to all go to a specific page?

    Thanks again.


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  • Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Sorry for the delay. It looks like my email notifications stopped coming. If you still have questions about this, can you please create a ticket in our help desk where our team can best and most quickly assist you?

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