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  1. brescreations
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    Just to warn you.. I am very new to this and its still another language.. so please talk slow.. :)
    I purchased domain with hostgator then did their quick install of wp.
    Started multisite process -put the define('WP_MULTISITE',true); into wp-config.php, refreshed and had the network option show up. So everything was fine there.
    Added the wildcard as subdomain
    Then it gave me the directions of what to now input into wp-config.php & .htaccess, did that- logged out & got an 500 internal error. Googled for about 12 hours trying to figure that out, gave up & contacted hostgator support.
    They fixed whatever was wrong in those files.. got rid of the 500 internal error but werent able to figure out the redirect.
    Their words were-"it's a problem with the script or redirect"
    I am now getting (I checked it with redirect checker)
    Checked link: http://www.bloggingwithfamily.com
    Type of redirect: 302 Moved Temporarily
    Redirected to: http://bloggingwithfamily.com/wp-signup.php?n
    I am unable to log into the admin panel. I havent created any subdomains besides the wildcard.
    At this point I am so lost. I have been working on the multisite for 2 days now and just cannot figure it out.
    Thank you..

  2. This is brand new so it's easiest to delete it all and start over.

    When you install WP, before you activate Multisite, make sure the home and site URLs are both 'bloggingwithfamily.com'

    Then on HostGator, make sure that your domain defaults to bloggingwithfamily.com.

    This will save you headaches later.

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