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    When I login and then delete a test account, I get redirected to this

    My Delete Me redirect url is blank

    ?possibly the changes for SSL Really Simple SSL
    or other .htacess rules like : RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}
    are playing in or a conflict with s2Member or Persistent Login


    see menu item membership – membership sign up – register
    after it registers you
    see menu item membership – delete Membership
    to reproduce

    I echoed a view variables from file delete_user.php

    // Redirect to same or landing URL
    $shortcode_landing_url = isset( $this->GET[$this->info[‘trigger’] . ‘_landing_url’] ) ? $this->GET[$this->info[‘trigger’] . ‘_landing_url’] : $this->option[‘settings’][‘shortcode_landing_url’];
    echo ‘short :’. $shortcode_landing_url . ‘<BR>’;

    $same_url = remove_query_arg( array( $this->info[‘trigger’], $this->info[‘nonce’], $this->info[‘trigger’] . ‘_landing_url’ ), $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_SCHEME’] . ‘://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] );
    echo ‘same:’ . $same_url . ‘<BR>’;

    echo ‘option:’. $this->option[‘settings’][‘your_profile_landing_url’] . ‘<BR>’;

    is_admin() ? wp_redirect( ( $this->option[‘settings’][‘your_profile_landing_url’] == ” ) ? $same_url : $this->option[‘settings’][‘your_profile_landing_url’] ) : wp_redirect( ( $shortcode_landing_url == ” ) ? $same_url : $shortcode_landing_url );


    same: //

    Its really hard for me to follow what you want to do with this many nested ternary operators

    If you tell me what you want, I will rewrite so mere mortals like me can follow it.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author cmc3215


    Hello, and thanks for reporting this issue

    It seems that $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_SCHEME’] is not as universal as I thought because it is not being populated by your server. I’m too busy to do it today, but I will rewrite this page tomorrow to be more universally compatible.

    Kind regards,


    I will be happy to test. just in case – I thought it might have had something to do with this : With google now flagging non https sites, folks are having issues with dealing with secure and insecure content. Did I say thanks! — one of my favorite email tag lines. I wrote my first program (Fortran) in 10 minutes, it took me over 3 hours to keypunch it.

    Plugin Author cmc3215


    This bug should be fixed in version 2.7

    Please test and confirm everything is working for you.

    Thanks again for the report.

    Kind regards,


    I have performed 2 deletions on Windows 10 with Chrome and no problems so far. I will test Android and Firefox next, and will post only if I find an issue. Thank You!

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