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    This is my first post in here. I am not a WordPress expert but I am trying to find my way through it.

    I am managing a WordPress multisite with approximately 650 blogs. The users are authenticated using LDAP (not Active Directory). I am using WPMU LDAP Plugin (

    Everything works fine but I have a small problem with new blog users. After a user logs in to the WordPress, the system automatically creates the user in WP database and the blog. However, they are first redirected to the profile screen, not the dashboard, in their first login and all new users become subscriber of the main blog.

    Are there any way to make new users redirect directly to their dashboard? Also I am seeking a solution for the subscription problem.

    P.S. I have find plugins for redirection but I am not sure they will work on this configuration. Any tips on this topic are also welcome.

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  • It seems when a new member logs in, his primary blog is set to blog id 1, which is the main blog of the multisite. He becomes the subscriber of the blog (blog_id = 1). His blog is also created and he is the administrator of his blog.

    Is there any way to change the behavior of the new user not to subscribe to the first blog?

    Thanks 🙂

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    WordPress used to add everyone to Blog 1, but stopped in … 3.1? Anyway, that shouldn’t happen anymore, so it’s possibly a plugin. Other than wpmuldap, what are you running?

    Thank you for your reply Ipstenu. For the network, I am using

    My Custom CSS
    Wordpress Importer

    and W3 Total Cache activated on Blog 1.

    I have added WPMULDAP to mu-plugins directory.

    I was using WordPress MU 2 (I don’t remember the exact version, but I can look for it if needed) and I wanted to upgrade to latest version. Automatic update somehow doesn’t work (maybe a server issue). Then, I have written a script to export all blogs to WXR from WPMU2. I have written another script that creates blogs and the users in WPMU3 and then imports all previously exported WXR files to the relevant blogs. Finally, the script moves the blogs.dir directory. Also, usermeta table is updated for all users to allow LDAP login (ldap_login = true).

    This is all I have done up to now. Before installing My Custom CSS plugin, I still face this blog 1 issue.

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    2.9.2 was the last WPMU

    You would need to upgrade, manually, to 3.0, and then you can use the automatic upgrade. Which is a lot easier than what you did and may be the cause of the problem…

    Can you roll back?

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Probably, when I roll back, I will loose some data (and also some users).

    The scripts I have written uses cURL and I think, there is no difference between manually uploading WXR files and using my script. Because cURL simulates the mouse click operations (cURL has a lot than this, of course :)). I haven’t used any database tricks or something similar that can cause unwanted situations. Just used cURL.

    If there is something to do, I want to try it. I can also write some scripts to make things go faster. I have backups of course, older backups, but it will be a lot of pain to work on these backups. These backups hold approximately 2100 blogs in DB and severe modification to the base code. I really don’t know, if I need to roll back.

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    *sigh* Well. In all likelihood it’s something in that amazingly complicated mishigas you crafted that did it. Or the plugin doesn’t work.

    This is normally where I’d say

    1) Manually re-install WP (copy up the files by hand)

    2) Turn off all your plugins

    3) Try the TwentyEleven theme

    😀 😀

    I searched for an upgrade method but I couldn’t find any good documentation for it. It is true that, there are several docs for upgrading from WPMU 2 to WPMU 3 and I tried several of them. I don’t recognize the links right now, but I can say that they don’t work (at least for my case). So, I needed to do something and I have done it. Crazy or not, it works 🙂

    Also, you are right at some point. The plugin doesn’t work as expected. I commented the line 88 in wpmu_ldap.functions.php and it just works.

    Thank you all for your help and support Ipstenu 🙂

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