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  • Resolved littlegatsby


    Dear plugin creator,

    I feel totally dumb because I am not able to do a simple redirect:
    I want all pages starting with /test/xxxxx redirect to /test/

    So /test/string1/string2/ should redirect to /test/ and /test/12345/ should also redirect to /test/. I tried all kinds of regular expressions like (?=.*[a-z]) to check for at least 1 character after the / but nothing works…

    Thanks in advance

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  • Nagmay


    Not the creator, but maybe I can help.

    /test/.+ will match /test/ with followed by one or more characters:

    • /test/a
    • /test/abc
    • /test/a/b/c/

    However, it will also match:

    • /abc/test/a

    To match only urls that start with /test/, try the following:

    Source URL ^/test/.+
    Target URL /test/

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