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    I’m new to WordPress, so please bear with me. I’ve setup WordPress on my site and I’ve modified the htaccess file in the root of the site to point to my wordpress installation. I’ve installed a new theme and if I go to it redirects to the correct direct with the new theme. However, if I drop the www. part, i.e., it still redirects to the correct location, but the site comes up with the original default theme that WordPress displays when installed. I’ve been digging through the settings in WordPress, but I can’t seem to find what I need to change to make this display correctly.

    FYI, I’ve tried this in Chrome and IE8 and I’ve cleared the cache in both browsers, but nothing changes.

    What am I missing?


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  • If I click on your site I get the variant with the WWW in front of it like it should.

    Are you running two different WordPress installs there? I would advice anyway not to do that to avoid confusion.

    If you click on the www. link you get the correct display page. But if you click on (no www.) then you get the default wordpress theme.

    I have two websites, with the second website in a virtual directory off of the main site. Each website has it’s own installation of WordPress because that is what my hosting service said I had to do. Each site is being redirected properly but has the same issue that I mention above…

    For the record: http://www. displays correctly. shows the original theme

    Just redirect to I’d say and use 1 installation if you want only 1 site.

    Ok, I fixed the problem. It appears it was something to do with my webhost. I removed wordpress, and then I remapped each site to different directories on the host. I then reinstalled wordpress. Now my sites both come up in the root of the site and I’ve removed the “blog” subdirectory.

    Now if I remove the “www.” from the address, it still comes up with the correct theme of the site.

    Thanks B. Schuiling for trying to help me on this!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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