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  1. johnyc
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I've multisite wordpress with network of subdomain blog setup. I want to create new blog and migrate some posts from existing blog.
    The new blog is populated with articles and posts from particular topic of exisiting blog. Now I need to redirect urls from earlier post to new blog.
    I hope following examples explain scenario.

    eg.1 redirect 301 from animal.mysite.com/category/dogs to dogs.mysite.com
    eg.2 redirect 301 from animal.mysite.com/?p=2 dogs.mysite.com/?p=1
    Now I have access and can edit .htaccess file but
    redirec 301 http://animal.mysite.com/category/dogs http://dogs.mysite.com
    wouldn't work because we dont know the relative path for sub-domain root. Maybe I dont know much about editing .htaccess? Help people!
    Maybe if there's ready plugin within WordPress dashboard I can use?
    What is the solution?

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