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  • Hi,

    I’m using the redirectify plugin to redirect a page into a archive for a category. i.e. will redirect to mysite/category/fotolog

    Does someone knows if it’s possible to hide/mask the destination page url? I mean, I’ll like to redirect to mysite/category/fotolog but still see in the adressbar

    Thanks a lot.

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  • I would also really like to do this as well. I want to have still appear to be that URL, but to serve up the same result as Right now I use the following redirects (plus the DirectoryIndex command to avoid creating problems):

    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
    Redirect permanent /index.html
    Redirect permanent /index.htm

    All these are in the .htaccess file.

    I have other rewrites, and I would love it if WordPress could do something similar. For instance, this one makes “newsletter.html” (not a real web page) appear to be a real web page, serving up my newsletter home page from a cgi script:

    RewriteRule ^newsletter.html$ /cgi-bin/mail.cgi?f=list&l=ASB_News [L]

    I realize that WordPress somehow detects the incoming URL in the index.php, and slices that apart to figure out where the person was going and what information to send back. I cannot figure out how to feed something new in, so that a URL will get special treatment. I suspect that the environment variables REQUEST_URI and PATH_INFO have something to do with it, so I tried the following:

    RewriteRule ^/index\.htm.*$ /index.php [E=REQUEST_URI:blah,E=PATH_INFO:test,L]

    That did not work. I put some test code into my main page to echo back the contents of REQUEST_URI and PATH_INFO, and they reflected the URL that I had entered in the browser, not the values in the RewriteRule.

    Any ideas on how to trick WordPress into responding to one URL as if it were another?

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