• Hello

    First of all.. GREAT plugin!

    I need to get an unique payment for each person regisering.
    I not need woocommerce or any external big plugin to do this.
    I only need once the user register, redirect to another page in my wordpress where the user can make me a payment using Paypal (regular paypal button)

    Briefly, i not need any integration, only redirect to another page after register.

    Is this possible?


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    Hi @planetjoin,

    You can set up redirect after registration in Ultimate member -> User roles -> your user role and Registration option section “Action to be taken after registration – Redirect to URL.


    Im having the same issue

    I have set the user role to redirect to a page on my site after registration but the page simply refreshes. There is nothing to indicate that the registration was successful except for the email going out.

    Can anyone help please?

    Same issue for me, and no help anywhere to be found! I tried the
    Set Custom Redirect URL option but no luck with that either. I can’t be that difficult and yet it is..



    I have exactly the same problem. Whatever the settings, the registration form just refreshes after submitting. No data is ever received in the new user list. No emails are being triggered in either direction.

    Have you guys found a fix?



    Just came across the same issue. Tried put the redirection back to profile, but still doesnt work. @ultimatemembersupport What might be a solution for this problem?
    Thank you!

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