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  1. rhyndu
    Posted 8 years ago #

    A few years ago, I created a WordPress blog on my domain with the main install in /blog/ and the rest of my site in /. Now, I love WordPress and want to install it on the main directory of my site, with all the old redirecting to new ones.

    So I want all requests (especially for RSS feeds including /blog/feed/, /blog/feed/rss, /blog/feed/rss2, and /blog/feed/atom) to be (not silently) redirected to the same URI but without the /blog/ part. So if someone typed in http://mydomain.com/blog/here/is/some/long/post/title/ their browser should be redirected to http://mydomain.com/here/is/some/long/post/title. My settings for the non-/bog/ WP install (in /) are all the same as the /blog install.

    And I can sort-of do it with HTTP only and PHP redirects... but what about feeds (which I don't really understand.)

    Help soon would be appricated!


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