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  • i have same issue. And confirmed it’s woo.
    I am trying ‘redirection’ plugin for wp and it’s effective.
    Only I can’t exactly get my redirects working perfect based on roles just yet.

    My path is like this:
    1. anyone logs in, they get redirected from my-account to a blank redirect master page instead
    2. from blank master page, i create new redirect rules based on roles to redirect to approriate pages.

    …it’s only half working.

    Hey McDesign,
    I think i may have worked around this issue. Here’s what i did (btw i tried but gave up on ‘redirection’ plugin, no fault of theirs, i think i just don’t know how to use if, after looping pages i gave up).

    Go to your woo settings / accounts. In the ‘account pages’ section, where it says ‘my account page’. x out the ‘my account’ page. You should no longer be redirected to that page, as it is no longer point to. Don’t worry, your my-account page is still available (i have it in my top menu).

    Just one more thing, ensure you point to another page instead otherwise, upon logout confirmation, you will be redirected to a 404 as again the my-account pointer is gone. Instead select another page for people to land on once they have completely logged out. I have chosen my main home page, which seems appropriate.

    I have not 100% regression tested this, so it’s anecdotal at best, but boy am i happy after weeks of trouble shooting this. Best of luck.
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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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