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Redirect not working after upgrade (20 posts)

  1. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I just updated the Nextgen plugin via WordPress, and now my redirect stopped working.

    When you go to my website, the server automatically opens mywebsite.nl/index.html first, which shows a page where you select to go to one of my 2 websites.
    When you chose the one I just updated, it should go to mywebsite.nl/index.php (PHP instead of HTML), which shows to wordpress website.

    I have the redirect plugin installed to do this for me.
    But after updating the Nextgenn I can't go to index.php anymore. It just wants to go to mywebsite.nl/. It removes the /index part.
    How can I turn this option off?
    And why is it doing this? The previous version didn't do this and was working just fine.... I can't really see the need to change this kind of behavior of a site.

    I deactivated the plugin for now.


  2. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    @supervinnie40 - This may have some unique factors involved and may be best to submit a Bug Report (http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/ ... please reference this topic) so we can try to help you sort out this issue.


    - Cais.

  3. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #


    But isn't that a bit weird?
    I entered the same information, and I'm sure your programmers can read this topic without having to log in, etc.

    But doing this via the bug-report system means that nobody will get to read the solution (in case somebody finds this thread via Google or something).

  4. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    @supervinnie40 - I just responded to your Bug Report, thanks for submitting it. We mostly ask for a Bug Report so we can track these more unique issues and also so we can privately and safely obtain credentials for your web site so we can look into the matter more closely.

    Once a solution is found, you are more than welcome to share it but at this time I cannot say what the root cause may be.

    - Cais.

  5. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Well... just installed the latest update: didn't make a difference.
    Still the same.

    I also haven't heard from you since I replied to your e-mail.
    You asked full access to my website, including passwords for FTP and everything.... I hope you can understand that I'm not going to do that!
    I appreciate your work for this plugin, and I appreciate your help, but with all due respect I'm not giving a total stranger full control and access to my complete server...

    I haven't gotten any reply to that.

  6. jslom
    Posted 2 years ago #

    There are definitely some redirect issues with the latest update.. I have submitted a bug report also concerning redirects, but mine is towards a buddypress/bbpress installation.

  7. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Another update today... still no fix for the redirect issue.
    I even tried to send another e-mail, but never got a reply.

    Is this your idea of customer care? (yeah, I know we can debate wether or not I can be called a customer)
    Is this how you are trying to convince people to buy the pro version? Byt no replying to their e-mail, not replying in the topics in your support section? By just ignoring the people who actually use your plugin?

    Since it has been well over a month ago since you forced me to switch, I decided to stop using Nextgen Gallery. The plugin used to be a good plugin, but it's kinda going downhill. And if this is your idea of customer care, I don't regret switching to another gallery plugin.

    A shame really, the plugin is quite good, I only wished the people behind it where half as good...

  8. jslom
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Same here. Been waiting but over a month to fix something that was broken in their own update doesn't make sense. Maybe it's time to move on.

  9. jslom
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative gallery to use?

    Also @supervinnie40 if you want to continue to use this, I had to downgrade to 2.0.40 to fix the issue.


  10. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Agreed. I have succesfully transferred 380 out of the 420 galleries on all the websites I have to another gallery plugin.

    For the few galleries that are left I'm leaving Nextgen for the moment (after downgrading). But they will be replaced or deleted eventually, making Nextgen obsolete.

    Still a shame. This used to be a good plugin. They made it rubbish and decided to ignore any customers. A great example of a plugin that became to 'great to care about it's customers'....
    Luckily there are still several programmers that actually realize that other use their plugin, and that those people are the ones that make their plugin succesfull.

  11. lebaigneur
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Same here, I got really frustrated over this... so are a few other guys...

    I think I blew more than 8 hours on this bug and I can't tell you the amount of complaints I got from users.

    Considering options to change our gallery plugin now, especially after reading this thread.

  12. Doctor Psyringe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This issue is very real.

    This issue is frustrating, because I have over 30k images built on this plugin. The fact two updates have released since and still no BP support is BAD. BAD NEXTGEN.

    Users having issues should consider this version: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/nextgen-gallery.2.0.40.zip

    Until, of course, you switch to another gallery. If they don't address the issue, then bail.


  13. groubee
    Posted 2 years ago #

    But the big problem with nextgen-gallery.2.0.40.zip is that it does not work with WP 3.9s new editor??? so what can we do now?

    ...suggestion to other Galleri plugins??


  14. Doctor Psyringe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I can sort-of confirm this. 2.0.40 is partially broken with WordPress 3.9. I didn't even notice until groubee brought it up.

    1. NextGen pretty icon doesn't function - loads blank screen forcing refresh.
    2. NextGen Featured Image WORKS.
    3. NextGen Gallery from "Add Media" WORKS.

    To follow up - generally speaking BuddyPress will always take priority over NextGen, unfortunately. While there's dozens of ways to effectively manage imagery on WordPress, there's only one solid forum/social platform, making NextGen a quickly shelved item. I feel absolutely dreadful for anyone who actually invested in the plugin, assuming it never gets fixed. *sigh*

  15. Doctor Psyringe
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Wait - I can confirm it's broken! groubee is correct - for a handful of users on my NON-MULTISITE NextGen 2.0.40, the delightful "You browser doesn't have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support." message as appeared.

    Great job Photocrati. I'll be opening new tickets every day concerning this issue until you get your BuddyPress compatibility figured out. I also notice, based on this error and patterns in discussion - YOU broke your own compatibility with buddypress while fixing the issue.

  16. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    All - We are aware of the issue with BuddyPress / bbPress and Groups / redirects (and possibly much more) and we are planning to review and resolve these issues with our next release.

    Granted this may take time, and it does not provide an immediate solution but it is being made a priority to address.

    @supervinnie40 - My apologies for not seeing any emails you may have sent that were not responded to, we may every effort to respond to every email we receive in an appropriate fashion. I also understand that you may not want to provide access to your production site and that being the case I would have recommended you create (if you are not already using) a mirrored test site for us to try to help you from.

    @groubee & @NicholasDeSuza - We are fully aware that version 2.0.40 does not work well with WordPress 3.9 we also made every effort to ensure a compatible solution was available with version 2.0.61 and later. Obviously there are still issues but we are also trying to address those as well.

    Obviously, I hope, you are all welcome to submit a Bug Report for the issues you are seeing on your individual sites, the link to the Bug Report form is in my first reply to this topic and I will re-include it here: http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/


    - Cais.

  17. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks for responding Cais.
    - more than 2 months ago I opened this topic
    - Within a few days I got told to post a bug report via the link
    - I e-mailed you three times (in the course of 3 weeks) because I was afraid you didn't get my answer, since you never replied
    - more than a month ago I posted a message that I never got a reply and that my problem hasn't been resolved
    - In the last month orso 10 posts have been placed in this topic
    - Well after 2 months since your last reply you decided to place another reply

    In conclusion; I'm not doubting that you are working on something (others probably will), but you obviously don't care about your users.
    If I look at many of the other topics in your 'support section' I keep seeing the same thing: you reply once or twice, and then ignore the topic completely. You did pretty much the same with this topic.

    Even if you manage to solve the problem I initially posted, I won't go back to Nextgen Gallery. The plugin might (one day) perform normal again, but the customer care/service is well below even the shittiest eBay sellers. And I'm not really impressed with that.

    You might consider yourself the most downloaded plugin for WordPress, but it's most obvious that this doesn't say anything about quality or care.

    I'm done with it. I've transferred most of my albums into other gallery plugins, and I'm happy with the result. I had a few minor problems in the beginning, but the creator of the plugin helped me out brilliantly.
    To me, Nextgen Gallery has only gotten worse and worse since PHotocrati got involved. I think it's going downhill very hard, and many other good plugins/authors are waiting for a chance to devour this dying plugin.

  18. photocrati
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    @supervinnie40 - Thank you for your feedback, and your opinion of the free support we offer in the forums. If you have a working solution now, then I am happy knowing that ... no matter which plugin you are using.

    These are community forums and open to all to try to help each other. They are also wholly controlled by WordPress and offer very minimal tools (essentially none) to help with support.

    Also, unfortunately my time is not strictly spent in the forums as I have many other duties I perform in regards to NextGEN Gallery. Admittedly, there will continue to be times where I do not respond to every topic, especially if it is one that falls a few pages back into the fray but as time allows I will address these topics as best I can.

    My focus is generally on current topics, or higher activity topics here, but for those topics that are not able to be reasonably addressed in the forums as they currently stand, we often recommend submitting a Bug Report so we can more properly address these outstanding issues.

    If that avenue and/or method of support does not or cannot meet your needs due to whatever reasons then I do apologize ... but saying I do not care would imply you know me; and if you knew me then you would also know differently.

    - Cais.

  19. supervinnie40
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I understand that you have more to do than surf this support section the whole day. And I understand that you can't immediately respond to every topic.

    But there is HUGE difference between 'not responding for months, even though people keep posting in the topic' and 'not being able to reply right now'.
    When you just ignore topics by not replying for months, not replying to several e-mails (even though the topic was hot at that moment), you fail in your service department. And THAT does not meet my expectations. In fact, I very much doubt if ANY WordPress user would think otherwise.

    A few weeks? Fine... Months? Not fine.
    I do not imply that I know you personally, but you definitely made a statement in this topic regarding your level of service. When refusing to reply to posts and/or e-mail you show that you obviously don't care.
    Or are you gonna try to convince me that you didn't have access to the forum in the last 6 to 8 weeks?

    Regarding the solution, it's simple; use ANY gallery plugin other then yours.
    I've tried about 5 or 6 now, and NONE have the issues that yours has.

  20. Doctor Psyringe
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I understand -- I wish I could update to those later versions (2.0.61) but then it breaks functionality of a Steam Greenlight website I've created, so it's pointless to refer.

    For my Magazines and Portfolios - I've coded around most of the issues and that's okay, I can put focus there. But since I refer to your plugin to my peers and my clients, any site that employs a WordPress Forum (ie BuddyPress and bbPress) are breaking. This causes blame on me, more work for me to resolve on my end, when ultimately some code was written during this update period breaking overall functionality -- what's worse is that you've built on top of that. Might I suggest a Support version of this plugin for users of Buddypress addressing the single Flash issue and any other small time functionality problems? Even if dated and without anything "new" you may have added. The Support/Beta portion of your site provides nothing.

    So even if the "Multisite" error was resolved in a later version (which, in my scenario it's 100% *not* multisite related) - I can't employ it, and I've been restricted to this early version. Like I said before, I could easily work around this on sites I personally manage by uploading the files via FTP and searching the folder -- but the lack of support destroys the functionality for bloggers and media contributors (for instance, in the Steam Greenlight situation) where's it's most necessary.

    And while it's my understanding the original blog author sold you guys the plugin and your trying to make some kind of premium sale to finance the efforts -- your biggest contributors will be running the biggest sites which suggest bbPress and BuddyPress. Why invest in a plugin that doesn't play well with the more prominent features of a higher end website? Gallery, great - forum and social media, more important. Period.

    I'm not trolling or hating, there's a simple truth to the pattern and it's you've neglected the issue. Saying your aware of it and it will get fixed in the next patch has already been said multiple times - skip the standard rabble unless you want me to build a collage of screenshots and blast it everywhere. I'd rather read "well, we don't care about this issue at this point in time and hoped a modder would fix it for us". At least then I know to look elsewhere for 6 months and not have to cross my fingers for an official fix when the higher end clients demand I resolve their website gallery issue.

    Thanks anyway. lol

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