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  • The expiration part works, but not the redirect. I get a 404 page instead of a 301 and redirect like I indicated should happen in the post.

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  • Not working for me either. After looking at the code I suspect the issue is the reliance on the $_SESSION variable which isn’t supported by all servers. If the plugin could be rewritten to implement a WP_SESSION approach like the link below it would be great. I don’t have the time for this unfortunately and it doesn’t appear the developer has been here in a while … but posting this just in case.



    I as well am unable to get the redirect part of the plugin to work as promised 🙁

    To the devs at reviewsquirrel/…

    I love this plugin. I use it to shut down webinar pages and special offer pages. It is/was super effective.

    I get it, you guys are probably really busy building shit that clients and customers need – like this badass little plugin.

    Not sure if you guys check this forum any longer but I would HAPPILY pay for this plugin just so it’s being updated on a regular basis.

    I can’t speak for the other’s who have downloaded but I would be willing to bet users would be willing to pay for a fully maintained version of this.

    Thanks in advance…


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