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  1. karelles
    Posted 2 years ago #

    When I go to tinacollen.com/storm-of-the-i-events where I have one blog installed, I get the "This webpage has a redirect loop." Tried on 2 computers in both chrome and firefox on both, and although the message wording is slightly different, the result is the same, no page.

    • I've cleared cookies and cache on all 4, with no change.
    • I turned off .htaccess. No change.
    • I substituted an empty plugins folder for the real one. No change.
    • renamed theme to try to force it to use the default theme

    What I noticed is that at the bottom where you can watch the activity of the browser, it goes back and forth between tinacollen.com and http://www.tinacollen.com.

    So I tried to login to either of the admin accounts and it won't login and just reloads the empty login window.

    • tried replacing the wp-login file with one from the OTHER blog on the domain, that works fine (actually it has a different xml-rpc issue, unrelated, but at least I can login to that one and it displays - http://tinacollen.com/bookselfpublish). Still nothing.
    • checked with root .htaccess and admin folder .htaccess turned off. Nada
    • checked with empty plugin folder. Nope.
    • edited the user table to make sure the password was what I thought it was. Still can't login.
    • renamed the theme with no effect

    I've now wasted almost an entire day on this and am completely befuddled. Both the display of the page AND the login worked yesterday. Just logged back out then and now it doesn't work. I'm thinking the two are related but I haven't been able to find any info on that. Everyone else seems to have one problem or the other, not both.

    Approaching "HAIR ON FIRE" status.

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