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  • Then I made a change in my host’s control panel to redirect visitors

    Don’t do that ever with WP. You will just screw up your installation.
    Instead always ask BEFORE major changes and/or read the documentation before messing with things.

    Thanks! I will reinstall my WordPress. So I want my blog to reside in (not just files, but the way it show in address bar). And I want visitors to be automatically redirected from to I know only two ways to make this happen. First, is to put index.htm with redirection instructions to the root directory. Second, is to fill in redirect instructions in hoster’s control panel (Like I did before ))) ). May be there is another way to make this redirection.

    By the way, what I have done then I made a change in hoster’s control panel, so my WordPress screwed up?

    so my WordPress screwed up?

    You wrote in your original post (OP) that it is in an endless redirect loop.

    I gave you the correct way to do what you want: WP installed in but displayed at
    That tutorial does NOT require any re-install. Why don’t you read it before replying with your assumptions. Do not assume. Just read the Docs and follow the instructions!
    When a resource (tutorial) is suggested – it means you must READ it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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