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  1. jettrush
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am experiencing a redirect loop error with my blog. Here's what seems to be going on.

    I go to example.com. My setup is such that you will land on a file that checks to see if you are on a mobile device or not. If not, you are sent to index.php (the blog). When you arrive there, WordPress redirects to example.com for some reason. As you can see, this creates a loop that my browser terminates and shows me an error message.

    I would like to keep my mobile detecting feature but get the blog to function. Please let me know your thoughts on this tricky error.

  2. jettrush
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Okay, for anyone who has a similar setup, here's a fix, one second after I posted the issue.

    1. In your WordPress admin account look at your General Settings. My "Blog address (URL)" setting was the default "example.com". So whenever I would land on my WordPress index.php, it was actually set to redirect back to the directory resulting in a redirect loop.
    2. Change "Blog address (URL)" to "example.com/index.php"
    3. Install the Disable Canonical URL Redirection plugin. (See Managing WordPress Plugins if you don't know how.)

    You should now see that when you go to your site ends up at the correct location instead of getting caught up in a loop.

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