• godthor


    Why is it that this plugin redirects logged in users constantly to whatever you define in their role? This doesn’t make sense to me. Are people not able to register, log in, and then visit the site like normal people?

    A customer of mine is using this plugin and I just don’t understand why it behaves this way.

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  • lestertucker


    As I understand it…the plugin works as you set it. I have one of my sites set to reload the main page after registration. The customer then operates the site as normal (they are auto logged in after registration).

    When they return…they don’t register…they login and use the site as normal.

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    Maybe it’s my customer’s site then.

    So, you log into the site and get sent to your profile page – perfect. However, if you then click on anything in the menu, try to navigate anywhere, the plugin redirects the user back to their profile page. I can see this is set in the role assigned: Ultimate Member->User Roles->Edit User Role->Log In Options.

    If I change that to do something else then that’s what happens to the logged in user when they click anything to navigate anywhere on the site. The user is redirected back to whatever is set, reloaded, etc.

    That being said, as I was typing this it seems my customer may have figured something out. It may be working normally now…



    Yeah, it seems that there could be some sort of Menu issue. Probably not the plugin.

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