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  • Hello,

    I have run into a very strange issue, and as a result, roughly 60% of my content has disappeared. I recognize that the root of the issue lies with Blogger/Google, but I’m desperate here, and I’m very much hoping that someone with WordPress can help me.

    I am currently working on transferring my Blogger site ( to my new WordPress site ( I have successfully imported all of my content to WordPress. The last step was to set up redirects. I hired a developer to do this. She used the “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” plugin and followed the steps at this site:

    Unfortunately, something went wrong, and all of the individual posts on Blogger ended up being redirected to my WordPress homepage rather than to their specific permalinks on WordPress. Because this wasn’t the proper result for the redirects, I told my developer to undo the redirect so that we could look into the issue. She attempted to do so. And THAT is where the real trouble started.

    What happened is that, for whatever reason, when she “reversed” the redirect, many of the permalinks on my Blogger site were CHANGED. For example, I have a post titled “Pitch Perfect 2”. The permalink for that post is as follows:

    If you Google “moviemanifesto pitch perfect 2”, the top hit will be to that link. But if you click on that hit, you’ll be told that the page doesn’t exist. That’s because, on Blogger, my post for Pitch Perfect 2 now has the following permalink:

    Note the “_28” at the end of the link. Roughly two-thirds of my Blogger posts have had their permalinks adjusted in this fashion, with an underscore and a numeral added to the end of the link. (Sometimes the numeral mirrors the date of the post, but not always.) I’ve tried to edit these permalinks back to their proper URL, but while Blogger will let me change the link to a *different* URL, it won’t let me change them to the *correct* URL; instead, when I try to delete these extra characters, it automatically adds them back in.

    My developer tried running a restore on Blogger from the .xml file that she downloaded before she did the importing. This did not work.

    So, right now, anyone Googling for a post on my site will be invariably taken to a bad link. That isn’t a problem in and of itself, because in the end, I want everything redirected to WordPress anyway. But my problem is, how do I set up redirects for permalinks that no longer exist??

    I’ve submitted support posts at both Blogger and Google Analytics. I’ve yet to receive any helpful feedback.

    Essentially, I’m looking to do one of two things:

    1. Restore Blogger properly so that the old permalinks are restored, then run the redirect again (and have it work this time).

    2. Ignore the current issue with Blogger, but somehow redirect all of the proper permalinks to WordPress anyway.

    Please, please help if at all possible. Right now, a huge chunk of SEO that I’ve spent the last 10 years building up is essentially gone, because people who find my site on Google will be clicking on broken links.

    Thank you.

    – Jeremy

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  • While I would love to help, this is not a Blogger forum. It’s a WordPress support forum. This issue is with how Blogger is handling your redirects and not a WordPress support issue. I suggest you contact Blogger and/or an experienced Blogger developer who understands that platform. I know that’s not the answer you need, but this is a Fixing Issues with WordPress forum and not a Fixing Issues with Blogger forum.

    It sounds as if she did something in Blogger that changed the path of many of your URLs. That is something she probably needs to fix or help you find someone to fix it for you.

    So I read through the post. That’s quite the ordeal you are going through. Man. Wow. You post might have landed in the wrong forum though. It might be yield better results in the forum of the plugin you used.

    Thank you for the responses. I have submitted a request for help on the plugin support page, as suggested.

    In the meantime, does anyone have a contact with an experienced Blogger developer who might be able to help me? Or any other suggested site that will respond? I still haven’t received any replies to my post on Blogger Support.

    I apologize for continuing to post in this forum, as I know that this isn’t strictly a Fixing WordPress issue. I just don’t know what else to do. Nobody else will help me.


    Alternatively, is there any other forum (besides Fixing WordPress) in the WordPress forums where someone might be able to help me? I posted on the plugin’s forum, but nobody there has responded to *any* posts in more than a year, so I’m skeptical that I’ll receive any help.

    As this seem to more a Blogger problem than a WordPress problem, I can’t suggest any other forum on this site.

    The Blogger Product Forum, seems to be a more relevant to your issues:!forum/blogger
    And it seems you tried that already.

    You can try to find an all-rounder developer.

    Good luck!

    I think what I’d do is to stop worrying about what was on Blogger except if you can, maybe add to the front page a message saying we’ve moved and give the new address of your WordPress site. A link to the new domain would be great.

    And, if Blogger allows it, put the same message on the 404 pages that will come up if someone tries an old link that is now broken.

    Unless your old site was super popular I doubt it will take much time at all to rank the new site for the older content you moved. I’d probably even start killing an old post every couple days on Blog Spot once the search engines started spidering your new site on your own domain.

    It would be nice to have the redirects correct but if you can’t then doing the above should start rebuilding your presence in Google on a service that should be able to carry you as far as you’ll want to go.

    Of course, should you get your redirects all fixed at Blog Spot, then you don’t want to kill posts there as you’ll be killing your redirects. The Home and 404-page trick is still a good idea.

    Also, you’ll definitely want to submit a new sitemap XML file to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tooks. You can also set a change of domain name in Google Search Console, as well. I’m not sure if you can change a subdomain though, but you can look into it.

    There are XML Sitemap plug-ins, or you can use the XML Sitemap generator in All In One SEO Pack and submit that to Google and Bing once you’re ready to do so.

    Thanks. That’s helpful advice. I appreciate it.

    One complication: Many of my posts include hyperlinks to other posts, and obviously, those hyperlinks currently link back to Blogger. Originally, this wouldn’t have been a problem, because with redirects for those links in place, the reader would be taken back to WordPress immediately. But if I essentially disregard my Blogger page, I’d need to change all of those hyperlinks from Blogger to WordPress. Would there be a way to automate that process? Or would I need to go into every single post and edit the hyperlinks manually?

    You’ll probably have to deal with them manually, but you should just edit the link and concatenate it to /url-of-existing-page and chop off the https://blogger aspect of the URL.

    There is a Broken Link Checker plugin, but I’ve never used it and some hosts ban it because it eats up system resources – especially at WordPress managed hosts who don’t want things running on their service.

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