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  • Am I correct to assume that if the “redirect native URI” option is selected, that the plugin adds a redirect rule if the permalink is changed?

    If so, is there a place where we can see which redirects have been created?

    My preference is to handle those via the same Redirection plugin we’re using for lots of other redirects so everything is in the same place.

    Also, it seems like it’s redirecting it to a version without a trailing slash (and the trailing slash option is selected in Permalink Manager).


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  • Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    Hi @lsilver,

    if “Redirect native URI” option is active, my plugin will automatically redirect the old/native permalinks (the ones used when my plugin is disabled) to the actual one altered with my plugin.

    #1 (original, native permalink)
    #2 (first version of custom permalink)
    #3 (second version of custom permalink)

    For instance, you changed the (#1) native permalink to (#2) some custom permalink and then again to (#3) another version of URL. In free version of plugin, always, the native permalink (#1) will redirect to the custom one – either #2 or #3, not both #2 and #3.

    If you would like to redirect all the custom permalinks used before, you will need to use Permalink Manager Pro. Then, after you change the custom permalink, my plugin will ALWAYS automatically create the custom redirects after the custom permalink changes:

    Could you tell me more about the issue with trailing slashes redirect?

    Best regards,

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    Thread Starter lsilver


    As an example of the trailing slash issue . . .

    Original URL =
    Updated URL =

    The redirect is sending them to: (no trailing slash)

    No clue why that’s happening as the “force trailing slash” option is selected, and was selected before that URL change took place.

    Is there a way to see all URLs where the permalink was changed via Permalink Manager and that would have a redirect being managed by Permalink Manager?

    Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    Does the issue (I mean the redirect goes to page without trailing slash) occurs on all subpages or only part of them?

    As regards your second question, it might be not simple. If you would like to list all the “native -> custom permalink” redirects, you will need to use this snippet:

    Also, you can find the additional external redirects in Debug section of Permalink Manager admin dashboard (“Array with redirects”).

    Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    I adjusted the code snippet. You can use this code snippet to list:

    • native -> custom permalink redirects
    • custom redirects added via my plugin

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