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  • What happens is when i post a link to facebook, it shows up as normal with the normal links even if i hover over it it shows my website in the bottom of the browser like normal. But when i click on it it says and redirects to this:
    Access to the webpage was denied
    You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to sign in.
    HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request.

    My website isn’t its any normal link i post on my site and i go directly without facebook works fine, its only when i post to facebook fanpage. I scanned for viruses on my computer and spyware and adware and its not that. I disabled all plugins still does it. I read somewere it could be a spider bot but i am not even sure how to remove it and make it work like normal.


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  • It appears your site has been hacked. Which hosting company are you using, and do you have shell access to your account?

    Check your php files, there will be a code injected starting with eval(base64….

    This normally happens due to outdated versions of wordpress, plugins etc. Let me know if you need further help

    Change your theme to Twenty Eleven and see if the problem persists.

    i think its due to auto generated redirection of domain for the bot

    Hello ggoyal , You ryt in wp-login.php automatically a code added which is


    Also i checked in Cpanel wp-config.php file permission which change 644 to 666. Once i delete that code fromo wp-config.php and updated permission 666 to 644.Also deleted all plugins. But after 24 hour again file permission changed and same code again i found in wp-config.php

    Any Idea how this is happening ???

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    @thatspeedykid Another thing to check for is a rootkit trojan. I’m working on fixing one right now… any time I try to go to the bitly website, I get a page redirect to a page trying to get me to purchase PandaCloud Antivirus. Malwarebytes, Spybot and other virus scans have been unable to catch it. Do a search for tdssKiller by Kaspersky and download that and run it. That is the only thing that caught my “bug”. It is a PITA to remove, because it changes registry files and normal anti-virus programs don’t even detect it, therefore they cannot offer fixes. However, if you are unable to fix it yourself, check with the guys at They’re fantastic though it may take a day or two (or more) for them to get back to you about your issue, but it is free so it is worth the wait (IMO).

    Another way to check to see if it is the link, or if it is your computer… have someone else try to access the site, or try it yourself from a different computer. For me, my desktop computer is the only one that gets the page redirects. My friends and other computers in my home have no problem accessing the bitly website.

    @thatspeedykid Are you using a shared theme? If so its likely a redirect was place somewhere in the theme. You should only get themes from or from a reputable vendor. If you wanted to check the site as if your using another computer like @frannie suggests, you could actually just use a proxy server.

    Jan Dembowski I’m not interrupting any one here . . . i also got same problem about which thespeedykid start talking. If we both are facing same problem in wordpress then can’t we discuss to solve it ???
    BTW thanks all for your views about this problem. i got this problem and solution.

    Thanks wordpress

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    Not true and you should have started your own thread.

    Put it this way: you come into a room and ask for help. People start helping and suddenly this other guy interrupts and says “Hey! Look at my problem instead, don’t work with that guy.”

    That’s what you did and you had little consideration for the OP. Unless you are on the same server with the same exact setup, you’re not helping the OP, you are distracting from his problem.

    That’s impolite at best.

    So please, rather than becoming argumentative start your own thread with your own details. It’s the best way to solve your problem. Or actually focus on thatspeedykid and help him solve his issue. After all it’s his thread.

    I fixed the issue by removing eval(base64_decode( out of my config file but i havent figured out how to keep it from coming back

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    That’s (sadly!) not an uncommon problem.

    What’s happening is that your WordPress installation is not only compromised in your config file but a back door has been left behind that keeps getting triggered and that’s why it keeps coming back.

    That’s why I usually refer to this as “delousing your installation” and until you get to tge bottom of it this will keep occurring.

    Those links I posted above are a good resource but nor everyone is up to that challenge. There’s nothing wrong with that. But as your WordPress installation is a valuable thing to you, you may want to have a professional service such as Sucuri take a look at the problem.

    Keep in mind, I’m not endorsing them or anyone but you do want to take back your blog and that’s one way to do it.

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