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    So I’m thinking strongly about moving an old, crappily-designed website to a new WP isntance. The one feature of the old site is that there’s a phpbb forums that is incredibly popular…what I’d like to do is just have a page called “Forums” on the WP site, and when you click that page you get the phpbb forum right there, inside WP.

    So, a redirect but into the frame of where the page would normally be.

    I got the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin and tried that…but it always launches the phpbb forums into a seperate window. Regardless of whether or not the “Open redirect link in a new window” option is checked or unchecked.

    Any ideas?

    The prototype WP site can be seen at

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  • Wootie,
    Looks like you might be using the WP menus to create the menu item for the forum. But, it looks like you have the target set to blank (check your screen options on the WP menu page and click the Link Target box and you will see if it is set to open in a new window). If you want a link to open in an actual frame within the site, you need to name the frame, then set the target to the name of the frame (not sure you can easily do that with WP menus without applying a filter to the the menu call).

    The open in a frame functionality is basic HTML functionality, and not really anything to do with the plugin, but that is how you would do it. See here for more detailed info


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