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  1. pjude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is my problem....

    there is the Network home page, which is THE main home page, and then there are individual sites within the network.

    Currently, there is no way for a VISITOR to get back to the Network home page when in one of the sub-sites other than typing the URL into the address bar.

    My goal is to make it so visitors to the network can always get back to the Home page of the network itself.

    Say they visit the network for the first time -- mysite.com -- and then they check out some of the sub-sites at the network (mysite.com/JohnDoe, mysite.com/JaneDoe). I want there to be a default way for them to click either a logo or menu tab that takes them back to the Network home page.

    Can anyone help me out

  2. steventan94
    Posted 4 years ago #

    If you're the lazy type, I recommenf you to use Quick Page Post Redirect Plugin by Don Fischer

    Download here: http://www.fischercreativemedia.com/plugins/quick-page-post-redirect-plugin/
    1. Install & Activate
    2. Create a page (eg Back to home)
    3. In the Quick Page/Post Redirect box, check "Make Redirect Active"
    4. Insert the URL you wish to be redirected.
    5. Choose 301 as the type of redirection.
    6. Done! When you click on the page you'll automatically redirected to the URL you entered.

    Hope this helps

  3. pjude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for replying steven

    I can't have the homepage itself redirected, otherwise when someone enters the url mysite.com/JohnDoe it will then take then to mysite.com and they would never see the content of /johndoe's site......

    I really just need to be able to either redirect the "Home" button or delete the button so I can add a new one to redirect to the networks home page

  4. If you're really lazy, put a manual link on your menus... What 'home' button are we talking about? The one on the front end of the site? I'd just edit the menu.

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