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[Resolved] redirect from url to url

  • I read the readme.txt and a lot of the forums and support, but cannot figure this out.

    I need to be able to give one URL to the techs, such as mywebsite.com/tech.

    That page is password protected in the site.

    When they login, I want to redirect them to their own tech page. And when they are logged in, whenever they are logged in and use mywebsite.com/tech I want it to redirect based on user.

    Does this make sense? It seems like it should be possible. Thanks!


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  • So after reading
    http://wordpress.org/support/topic/redirect-if-url-is?replies=2 about 6 times I finally understood what he was saying. I put his code in my template, which I called “tech”. I applied it to my tech page. Now all techs go to myurl.com/tech, it redirects them to login, when they login it takes them to the URL specified in the plugin settings page. Cool.

    I had looked at this before but didn’t understand it. Thanks to insertcoinforjoy!

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