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[Resolved] Redirect from old domain to new domain goes to /wp-signup.php?new=

  • We have a multisite set up with subdomains. Without the www.

    Our old URL was http://old.com (no www)
    Our new URL is http://new.com (no www)

    old.com and old.com/about_us redirect to http://new.com/wp-signup.php?new=old.com

    1. Redirect old.com on old server to new.com on new server without ending up at /wp-signup.php
    2. Redirect specific urls like old.com/about_us to new urls like new.com/about without ending up at /wp-signup.php

    Related Info:
    New site at new.com and all subdomains work great! There’s only an issue with redirecting from the old domain.

    We created a parked domain for the old URL (old.com) within the cPanel account for the new url (new.com) and the DNS for the old.com domain is set to the new server where new.com sits. Therefore, old.com redirects to new.com. Almost.
    Instead of redirecting cleanly from the old homepage to the new homepage, old.com redirects to http://new.com/wp-signup.php?new=old.com which looks really bad.

    So, I know that I can use the NOBLOGREDIRECT in wp-config but it seems to override any specific url redirects that I create. For example, I want old.com/about_us to redirect to new.com/about. I set up these redirects in the cPanel which in turn created a htaccess file with the list of redirects.

    All sites and subsites have the slash in the database (I’m referring to this ticket: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/after-update-to-39-one-sub-site-directs-to-wp-signupphpnew?replies=8#post-5623762)

    Thanks for your help!!

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  • Aaand now it’s working.

    Here’s what we did in case this happens to you.
    We changed the old domain to an addon domain instead of parked domain.

    However, old.com was still redirecting to new.com even though no redirects were set up.

    Then, got in touch with our webhost and turns out Apache needed to be restarted!!

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