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    To start, I did read this article:

    I just want to clarify if these same rules apply for a domain that is not the primary domain.

    I got my wordpress/blog domain name and hosting from my existing NetFirms hosting package for my professional website. From what I understand my main domain name ( will always truly be at the root of my blog ( I would like to make clocklesshours the address of my blog and not include my professional domain at all (ennscribe).

    When I installed, I created a directory named “clocklesshours” instead of naming it wordpress, so that the true address is:

    On my second domain (clockless hours), I created a redirect to


    to bypass the

    OK. In my WordPress Options, this is what defaulted for my WordPress address:


    This is what defaulted for my Blog Address:

    1. What else do I have to do to make it and what IS the name it should be?

    2. Netfirms created the nfblog directory. Is this really necessary? Can I move everything into the clocklesshours directory and bypass the nfblog folder??

    I would ideally like the address to be:

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  • jaseone


    How did you add to your hosting account? You should add it as an Add On domain without any redirects installing to a directory like clocklesshours, then in your public_html directory you should see the clocklesshours one.

    You can install WordPress directly in that directory and not have to deal with redirects or anything of the sort.

    did you ever get an answer to your question about from Netfirms about how to make this happen? I’ve tried what they have in their FAQ section and I’m still having the same issue.

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