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    Hi, I have a job website, where I redirect my users who want to apply for jobs, on the respective company website job links.

    But after few days, when the company fills in the vacancies, they close the page, and if anyone gets redirected will see a 404 error on their website. Since, most of them do not provide an expiry date, many times, such links are unattended.

    Is there any way to redirect to a page created on my website, if that link(company website) throws a 404 error or broken link error? (Please note, the 404 error will be on another website and not mine)

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  • Plugin Author Alan Fuller


    I theory this could be coded, but it is effectively a broken link checker.

    One way would be to ‘register’ the link rather than just using a link, either with a custom shortcode or block. Once ‘registered’ two things could happen
    1. a periodic ( e.g. daily ) scan of links to see if they 404
    2. when the link is 404’d the when used it is replaced the new ‘target’

    e.g. [my_link external_target=”” internal_target=”/mypage” ]

    There are other ways of coding it too, such as a forwarder endpoint, or javascript which on click of a link , if external, could fetch the remote page check status and then apply a redirect although this would be difficult to redirect to different pages, easier if just redirect to one page.

    Of course such a solution is way outside the scope of this free plugin and the volunteer support provided here.

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    Hi @alanfuller,

    Yes, your way is awesome, but since I don’t have much experience, I guess I would have to wait or hire someone to create such a custom plugin.

    But still, if in the future you could create such a plugin, please do let me know, I will be the 1st person to use your plugin. Also, there are many websites that have a model like mine, and will be glad to have such a plugin with them.

    But thank you for the idea, I will try it out.

    Plugin Author Alan Fuller


    Good luck.

    I one day I have time ( ha ha ) I might just build that plugin too.

    I’ll let you know if I do.

    Thread Starter qph9697


    Hi @alanfuller,

    Thank you for considering.

    Hope so that one day magically you will have a day off to give a thought to this plugin (hee hee, just kidding). 😂

    Thanks again, enjoyed talking to you.

    You are the best!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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