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[Resolved] Redirect existing atom.xml (without Feed Director?)

  • Hello, I’ve spent two days going through the forums and Google for help with redirecting my atom.xml, and while I’ve found bits of advice here and there, I’m not having any luck.

    A few weeks ago I changed my site from Blogger to WordPress (which was a great and easy thing to do) – however, I recently noticed that the RSS readers that syndicate my site are still pointing to my old (and now broken) Blogger atom.xml, which is causing problems and raising eyebrows.

    I just want to be able to have this file (http://www.kinosport.tv/feed/atom.xml) point the readers to the WP atom (http://www.kinosport.tv?feed=atom) or, better still, FeedBurner (http://feeds.feedburner.com/Kinosport).

    + I’ve tried Feed Director with no luck: it installs and I can activate it, but it doesn’t work when I change it to ‘feed/atom.xml’ => ‘index.php?feed=atom’ – and I’ve read that others using WP 2.0 have been having problems, too.

    + I’ve also tried the Feed Locations and FeedBurner plug-in, but these don’t update the atom.xml file.

    + I’ve spend nearly a day trying various approaches to creating a .htaccess file (by making a text file, adding the code I’ve found in the support forums, and then renaming it to .htaccess in the directory w/ 666 permissions) but this does not fix it either. For some reason, most of the support posts dealing with this are over a year old and unresolved.

    The code I’m currently using is:
    RewriteRule ^/feed/atom.xml$ ?feed=atom [R,L]

    If anybody can give me a simple walk-through or point me in the right direction, I would be incredibly grateful. This doesn’t seem like it’d be tough thing to do and I’m sure (and I hope) I’m overlooking something simple.

    Thank you!

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