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    We use Woo as an online catalog for products that are often one of a kind. When they are sold they are, eventually, deleted from the catalog. Consequently we end up with 404 errors.

    I would like to send the 404 errors to a custom 404 page just for catalog items. Ideally to a custom page based on their primary catalog category. The idea being to say Sorry, the item you are looking for is no longer available but here are some other items. In the process send them as a 410 code to the various bots to mark them as gone, etc.

    I can, easily, set up a site wide generic 404 page but as I said I’d prefer to have a catalog (and category) specific one if possible.

    So… is it?

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  • Plugin Support Stuart Duff


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    Hi @vcnickels,

    Using a free plugin like Redirection this would allow you to redirect any URL on a WordPress site you specify which is causing a 404 to another URL of your choosing.

    I hope this helps

    @stuartduff yes, that is true and I do use Redirection. It’s an invaluable tool.

    Unfortunately, I would have to create a redirect for every single deleted item which is impractical at best. I was hoping to use Redirection’s RegEx, which I am not terribly good with, to accomplish this but it does not seem to be possible. I have asked this in the Redirection support forum here and the plugin author has stated this.

    If you know otherwise please do let me know. This is probably something that should be handled by WooCommerce but something tells me it will never be.

    Plugin Support Stuart Duff


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    Hey @vcnickels,

    To try and automate the process you could instead look at using a plugin like this one below which I found when researching for us and it claims to auto-redirect all 404 urls to the homepage of your site or a URL of your choosing.

    Maybe this would work better for you.



    I ended up writing my own plugin. Basically when a product is created. It already has a redirect uri->category page for that product. And once it’s deleted I redirect to category page. Or did you find any other solution?

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