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  • We have a test site running in the wild right now, and we have 6 different pages (could just make it 1 if a redirect method is complicated) on the site that had a Javascript code that would not display on any IE browser version (tried on 7-9). So since about 45% of our website users are using IE 7-9 sadly, we had to scratch the Javascript that was working beautifully on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, iOS, etc.

    In order to get these pages to display correctly, we went with an iframe on each of the 6 pages to satisfy the IE users. But now iOS devices (about 15% of our website visitors) can not view these 6 pages correctly because the iframe takes so long to load, no one will wait around that long on their mobile devices.

    NEED: To put the Javascript code back into the pages, remove the iframe codes, then have the 6 pages, and these 6 pages only, not the entire site, detect IE browser users and redirect them to an iframe version of the exact same page(s).

    Is this possible, and if so, how?

    I know I will need to create 6 Javascript page versions and 6 iframe page versions to satisfy the IE redirect, which is fine. Like I said, if it is too complicated I can make the 6 pages 1, since 5/6 are specific categories that can all be reached anyways from 1/6. Do I insert redirect code on the Javascript pages, making those the main links where IE users are redirected?

    Currently I have the iframe running on the pages, the main page can be seen at And I dont want the entire site to redirect, just these pages with the iframe or Javasript code.

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  • Andrew Nevins


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    You need to contact your theme’s vendors with this query.

    Well, I just posted the problem there, we will see what they say. I put it as a reply to my original problem, which was attempting to get the Javascript to work on IE, which we are now past that with the iframe solution. Hopefully they can help us out.

    But does the theme vendor need to handle this issue because the specific page re-directs will be handled in the themes CSS or other files, or because native WordPress has no function for this…or both??

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