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  • Hi Martin,
    That sounds like a browser cache issue, clear your cache.


    Hi Themedutch,
    Thank you for your reply.
    As i thought the same, i already tried.
    Evenmore i tried it again, just now.
    Doesn’t work.
    So, the question is still to be solved………..
    Who knows ?

    Hey Martin,
    Okay last thing I can think of, check the user role redirect options.

    Hi Mike,
    I did………… ;-(
    Is redirected just fine, but doesn’t work.

    Still having the same problem………………
    I configured Ultimate Member fully.
    I set the URL’s where to go to after login (let say page A).
    After a new user registers, i configured it so that the person who registers gets an e-mail which has to be activated. After that it goes straight to page A.
    Great !
    But….. when you login (so not the register but the login page/link), the redirection goes to page B, although page A is set in the configuration (settings).
    More strangely, i altered it a lot of times to see if things changed, but no….page B keeps appearing stubbornly.
    Alternatively i changed my browser, logged in, and the problem is there as well….
    The fact is that i am directed to some standard “Oeps, nog page found”-page.
    The fact is that in the browser the address is almost the same as the configured address, but in the browser there is an “-” added, so where the page it should be is
    So what can be wrong here ?
    Who knows the golden solution ?
    Thank you,

    Can it be that you have a deleted page: your-membership in your trash ?

    Hi Themedutch,
    Thanks for thinking with me.
    I do have one in the box “Pending”.

    My pleasure Martin, I know how frustrating something like this is.

    Remove from pending and check again, I think (hope) that’s your issue.

    I’m afraid to say that that didn’t work either…….. ;-(
    I think WordPress is great, but the search for information when something gets out of the road is frustrating. As you know.
    What to do now ?

    As a matter of fact, i see a lot of issues of customers who have problems with the redirection after loggin in…..

    Would it be a possibility to delete the plugin, and re-install it again ?

    Well Martin I’m out of ideas, maybe UM can point you in the right direction.

    Anyone an idea ?
    Ulitmate Member developers ?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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