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  • I’m having what I believe to be a redirect issue.

    On our site, I’ve used the Types plugin to create a custom post type called “Conversations” connected with a custom taxonomy: “Topics.”

    I want to allow users to post to the “Conversations” post-type through a front-end post-box, and I’m using the code from this site to make that work.

    I also have this plugin activated, allowing me to make the landing page for this post-type, and the taxonomy landing page for each term in the custom taxonomy.

    The post box for my front end posting shows in the appropriate places, and when I attempt to post here are the results:

    1. The post is successfully entered into the system, using the appropriate taxonomy.
    2. I am redirected to what seems to be the same page I was already on (the taxonomy term landing page), but the post is not listed in the loop (although it is in the system).
    3. The admin bar disappears.

    According to the script I’m using, it should redirect to the new post that was created.

    Do I have conflicting redirects or rewrites?
    Any ideas about what might be sending me in the wrong direction?

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  • I’m told by a friend this is a problem with how the redirect is conflicting with the headers that have already been declared.

    We are now passing the past data to a custom page template that processes information (including the redirect) before it outputs anything to html thus avoiding a conflict with the redirects.

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