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  • ok, so I have a few things going on.

    I have as my main domain and the entire site is built on wordpress. I have created which resolves to

    This works perfectly fine and I am happy with it.

    NOW i have another domain called which also needs to forward to

    It seems that the problem is that since /weddings isn’t a real sub directory and is only a permalink for the it is just not working!!

    So the question is, how to I make a domain that resolves to a specific page that was built in wordpress???

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  • With a 301 redirect on

    Jonas – as you can see, this is not really working. It is looking for a sub folder that does not exist and will not read a index.php/?page_ID=123



    A 301 redirect doesn’t need to point to a subfolder. You should be able to set a 301 for the root of to redirect to without issue through your host.

    Here’s a whole bunch of ways to write redirects…

    .htaccess or php redirect should work for you.

    I am really very new to writing htaccess stuff so my syntax isn’t perfect… Can you show me a basic example

    that page you linked me to doesnt give a good example for a basic redirection.



    I find the easiest way to manage redirects is using the tools built into my host’s control panel, instead of writing them to files manually. Do you know what kind of server/control panel you’re using (i.e. Apache cPanel)?

    It’s true that your hosting cpanel can probably write the code for you if you enter the variables.

    There is an example of .htaccess redirect on that page. As it says, just replace the domain name and the URL you want to redirect to.

    Unfortunately I have tried the hosts control panel.. Because it’s a permalink or conditional php link, the cpanel redirect UI does not accept

    Jonas.. as I said, I know how to do a basic redirect, but if i replace the address from to an actual conditional url like the one mentioned above, it doesn’t work..

    Am I being clear ???

    I’m having a similar problem.

    I customized a theme (MESHABLE from ThemeForest) which requires I set up a front page. What I’m looking to do is simply redirect my domain to the front page: =>

    I tried an http redirect with my domain name host (1and1) which didn’t do anything.

    I then went into the dashboard’s general settings and changed my WordPress URL to and kept the site URL as Changing WordPress URL FUBAR’d the theme; I can’t even access the dashboard anymore.

    I can easily restore the theme as it’s fully backed up, but I’ll still have the same problem.

    Before I get into a cycle of FUBAR’ing then restoring my site, has anyone figured out how to solve this seemingly simple problem?

    I assume I can’t remove the permalink. Should I drop my next restore into a new directory on my server (BlueHost) and redirect to the new directory using 1and1?


    Just to update…

    I was able to successfully redirect my domain to the home sub directory using my host’s cPanel redirect feature as suggested above.

    If anyone else still has this problem after a cPanel redirect, take a look at

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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