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  • Tried to install, but gives cryptic note about database not found even though I JUST installed it.

    Provides link to website for product, but FREE version has NO SUPPORT. ZERO. ZILCH. All it does it send you to page to make you BUY a support level (starting at 20 euros) to ENABLE access to support. Clicking “Install – Upgrade” link or “Support” link sends you to same “pay for support” page.

    There’s no guide on author’s website, nor a getting started or anything link.

    This is a sham and should be removed from as it’s apparently now completely PAY for use commercial software despite the fact that there is an allusion to be some level of a free version. Apparently I’m not the only one who ran into this after wasting time downloading and clicking activate only to find out it’s useless.

    Why put wordpress users at risk of corrupting installation only to allow this deception? I just don’t get it.

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  • Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Instead of calling you a shortsighted idiot I’ll just point out these few links which are plastered EVERYWHERE on the site, plugin and read me file included with the plugin

    Free forum support for everyone:
    (Note how my name is ON EVERY TOPIC)

    Freely available manuals:

    Even more forum:
    (Note how also here I am active a few times a week)

    Yes there is premium support, but that’s optional. So now if you want to revise your baseless and dumb accusations… Thanks!

    Wow. Insults from both parties here. I am looking for a plugin to manage advertising, but this plugin’s author has made a very bad impression on me here.

    Jessi if you were a software developer who spent 100+ hours (just guessing Arnan) developing a free solution and then got flamed by someone who clearly did 0 research into their problem you might lash out a little bit too. I can speak from experience that ad rotate is an extremely solid plugin that I use on production (read: live) sites and that Arnan himself is very responsive to posts on the forum and to email.

    Andrew, I’m glad to hear of your good experiences with this plugin and with Arnan. However, I still hope that Arnan learns to avoid calling his users idiots, however badly a user may be behaving.

    (Saying “Instead of calling you a shortsighted idiot” has exactly the same effect as “I’m calling you a shortsighted idiot”.)

    There is a difference between expressing criticism and insulting someone; all of us who post anything on the Internet would be well served to make the distinction.

    May we all learn and thrive.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Strictly speaking I didn’t call him a idiot, but by saying I won’t that’s exactly what I did. I’m fully aware of that. And that was fully intentional, at that moment.

    A (unprofessional) sarcastic/cynic outburst.

    He could have emailed me, posted on the forum, tweeted me. He could have talked to me me on Skype or Yahoo. Or at least be civilised about his (unspecified) issue, which I’m fairly sure is non-existant.

    But no, that was too hard for him…

    Arnan you are a great developer and I even use the newest free version and am pretty happy with what it does for me but maybe you should take a deep breath before replying to people.

    I was on the verge of buying this, I’m not mad about the stripping of features that I never even knew were there since I am new to your plugin, but I think the best way to deal with people is not to incite them but to try to get them to calm down, relax and discuss the situation.

    Maybe you could offer a few good users a promotional copy of the pro plugin to smooth things over? Just a suggestion. Always remember to be humble, don’t call your customers idiots. Because of this outburst, (and others I have read from you, I am now second thinking a decision to buy the full version of this plugin and will research other alternatives. It’s a shame too because I really like this plugin and it does what I want it to do.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Offering free copies did not help. And yes, this review went the wrong way. As I’ve already clarified in my earlier post. There is absolutely no need for you to chime in on how I should behave and put this post up top 6 months after this has been put to rest.

    But don’t let these few upset people and my silliness distract you from making a decision if you want or need AdRotate. They wanted to sit first rank for free. And unfortunately for them it didn’t work out that way.
    As you can read from the *many* positive reviews, I’m more than willing to make people happy users and help them out almost 24/7 if time permits. That also counts for people who do not buy AdRotate Pro.
    On top of that, AdRotate simply is a very good and useful product, whether you like me as a person or not.

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