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  • Dunstan Orchard is a genious.
    The genious says: The comment textarea should come before all other fields if there’s a cookie saying the user already posted a comment before. I love this idea.
    Markku was the first one I know of to implement a “feature” like this on a WP blog. I asked for his code, and cleaned it up a bit.
    Here‘s my blog post regarding this hack. I welcome your comments on there. You can see it in action on every WP-forged page on my website, here for example; note that if you have posted a comment on my blog (if you haven’t: do so!) before, the comment textarea is above the name, email and URI fields.

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  • 1) It’s genius. 🙂
    2) Very cool.
    3) Dunstan rocks.

    Moderator Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    1) I was very impressed with Dunstan’s work
    2) I showed his site to my girlfriend
    3) I instantly regretted it :-/
    “You should do this on YOUR site”
    “Should I also bleach my hair and make my eyes more blue?! Shall I assume a Brittish accent and start drinking tea?! Grah!!”

    I’m not asking you to become a Dunstan clone. Personally, I just like this whole idea of the comment textarea coming before other fields if the user is cookied. If you really want to bleach your hair and get blue eye lenses, I won’t stop you. Tea sucks.
    Argh, just install the hack!

    Speaking of tab index I changed the first variable to ‘$t = 100;’ as otherwise I found tabbing through the site jumped all over the place. Just a helpful FYI.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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