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  • Hey,

    I’m a web designer and developer. Been working with WordPress for almost a year now. I use it for every project I get and I love it.

    This past weekend I had a chance to redesign my personal blog. Decided to throw it up here to see what people think.

    Here it is:

    Any comments and/or critiques are welcome. I’m thinking about adding a jQuery slide box to the top for comments and such.


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  • Sorry, I meant add a slide box to the top for Categories, Latest Comments, Archives and stuff like that. Essentially a “sidebar”.

    Looks really very nice. Additionally you might look into changing backgrounds in similar style to current one. You know better, after all you are the designer 🙂

    Never knew about Cufon before this. Is it better than fLIR?

    I just found Cufon a few days ago. It’s way easier to use than all the other options. No flash involved. Just convert the font to a javascript file and link cufon and the font file in the head.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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