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  • I like this version second only to version 13.I thought the black was too dark and the red to jarring with the font colors.This version goes back to the warm natural tones that makes viewing a site a pleasant experience.

    Nice design.

    They all really look great… from best to worst:
    1. v14
    2. v16
    3. v13
    4. v15

    Well, I thought she was stunning….

    Wait… What was the question?

    Kineda … are these at anytime going to be offered as a download? … all of them look GREAT !!

    The dark and pink design was definitely a bolder statement. I still love it, but I think with a content heavy site like this, dark fonts on a light background would be much easier to read. Photos play alot into my designs, and in the previous versions I used large provocative imagery to really add to the overall feel of the site (having consistent imagery on a daily blog though is rather difficult).

    In this latest version, I’m trying to let the content and community blogging features drive the design. The focus is to increase visibility of the commenting functionality and add a quick entry point for users to add their replies. Another feature to be added shortly is an easy way for users to add articles after becoming a registered member.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments and keep em coming! 🙂

    The new design is amazing!!

    I have a question — what are you using to create the Flash (sIFR) titles? I’ve found a couple of WordPress sIFR plugins, the best one being CG-FlashyTitles, but would you be kind enough to reveal how one should go about customising the Flash titles (headings) the way you have? (The way the article/category titles are styled is different from the styling for the sidebar titles.)

    It’s just standard old sIFR implemented without any plugin’s. Just add the references to the sifr css style sheets in the header, and then add the sifr js script to the footer. There’s instructions on the sifr site, if you’re looking for details. 🙂

    Changed once again for chocolate lovers! 🙂

    Also launched the user articles feature which people seem to be loving! 😀

    Nice blog 🙂
    looks really good and the theme fits the blog topic, but I’d add some more colors to the template. It’s a bit too dark imho.

    ya, I noticed it’s a bit dark on lower resolutions or smaller screens. I’ve moved the gradient up a bit, and I’m also going to add a bit more punch to certain areas to liven up the colors.


    with the redesign. does this mean that one of your previous themes will be made available as a DOWNLOAD?

    just curious … you always seem to produce some amazing stuff.


    I’m going to try to release v12 (which is not shown here) as one of my first publicly available themes. There’s been alot of interest, and e-mails, but I haven’t had time to clean up everything for release. The other theme that’s still in the works is the photoblog theme. Folks have been requesting that as well for quite some time. 😀

    You scare me with the amount of redesigns you’ve been through in the past month or two. And they’re all awesome.

    Thanks sunscream! 🙂

    Kineda, I think all of your designs are extremely insane – like … amazingly awesome. Keep up the great work!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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