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  • Looks good to me. Site is aligning to the left (almost). I don’t know if that’s how it was supposed to be. I would prefer centered. Nicer to read. Background a bit too noisy to me. The rest if fine!

    Unless you’ve changed it already it looks centered in IE6. And I can hardly even see the background even with the window maximized. It just looks like a small border. I think the site looks great, but that header is huge.

    I like the strong contrasts, well done.

    Typography could be a be stronger and bit more space between postings. But overall excellent!

    i designed the site in 1920×1200 for all resolutions 800×600+, so the amount of background you see really depends on what resolution you use. i am assuming moxie uses a larger resolution than missychele. the skew is intentional, since i was tired of seeing all those center-aligned blogs ^_^. but i agree, it is very close to the left side. i’ve tried to remedy the situation with a left-padding %, but i’m not sure if it forces a horizontal scroll in 800×600. can somebody check that for me?

    orangeguru: how should the typography be stronger? any recommendations?

    also, can someone please test this design on a mac?

    site is currently left-justified (IE6.0 SP2 on XP). I like the layout and b/w. The header takes up a lot of real estate. The top nav menu (blog, archives, gallery, etc) I think would be cool as images butted together so the mouse cursor doesn’t hop back and forth between pointer and cursor as you course the menu choices. Maybe even mouseover so the words change colors as you go to click on them. just my 2¢.

    i actually had em all butted together before, but it looked kinda squished. that’s why they are padded like that.

    oh… I was thinking to put the “padding” or air in the image. The word may only be 10 px wide but the image could be 20 with 5 extra px of dead space on each side.


    i suppose that would work. only issue i have with that is that it’d change the nav thing into a bunch of roll-overs, which i tend to dislike.

    can someone please test this on a mac?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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