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  • Before I started at my new company, they had a website service create and design their current website. However, coming in after the fact is like trying to pick up pieces here and there to figure out where everything is and how they created it.

    I can edit things, but major changes I’m scared to touch as it may effect everything. Below are the my concerns that I need to address for an upcoming re-design of the website and want to know the best way to go about it w/o losing anything or having any downtime to our site.

    -Our WordPress Site has never been upgraded (hence we’re still on version 3.0.1)… How do I upgrade without losing anything or any major things happen.

    -How do I do a re-design in WordPress without disturbing our current content until we’re ready to go live? Thought about using <a href="">Theme Test Drive</a>

    -What’s the best way to protect my site from spam/phishing without disabling it from search engines?

    Thanks for any input you have.. Truly appreciated.

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  • It may not be possible to upgrade WP without messing up the current site – and probably not possible for anyone here to tell for sure.

    If you are going to redo the site, you may just want to start with a new theme in a current version of WP – you can create a sub-directory install of WP – and work on it there until you are ready to switch over. See:

    You can move a copy of your site into that install or export/import your contents depending on the site and your needs.

    There are anti-spam plugins that can help with that issue – Akismet is the best one to start with, or search the plugins page for others. Possibly security plugins as well.

    Oh okay, thank you.. I will look into creating a sub-directory and go from there to see what I can do.

    And right now the site is currently using Akismet, so glad to know we’re good there.

    Thanks again WPyogi.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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