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  • Hey everyone. I just “rebooted” my website with a mod of Tarski, and would love some feedback. Unless it’s harsh criticism. None of that. Friendly criticism? That’s cool.
    But I’m a coding idiot, so be kind.
    Hugs and kisses and all that.
    My Site
    (It’s not done yet, and not all the links work, but I’m getting there – more interested in feedback on look and feel)

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  • Anyone? I’m a nice guy, and I don’t smell.
    Appreciate it.

    honestly, it’s the type of site I’d click away from very quickly. The navigation is hard on the eyes. The moving “thing” in the top of the sidebar is a distraction and annoying. the blue background is too bright. the colors in the footer don’t go together

    that’s my honest opinion, anyways

    Thanks for the feedback, Resiny! Sorry it’s not your style, but you’ve given me food for thought. Which is why I posted here in the first place.

    Oh, and good luck with dreamhost. I switched to them a while ago, and love them.

    The white text on a kind of light blue background is a bit of a put off, but I suppose the excitement of your second anniversery is all too much.

    I’d also organise the sidebar better.

    You ought to have a button to switch off that video, part of disablity standards.

    My first website was basically an animated gif waiting for an epilptic to sue me.

    I don’t think thats the best of themes though, mostly due to the colour, though the graphics are nice enough.

    Why not just have the usual links and catorgaries and the Rss and suchlike?

    Good luck regardless.

    I like it. It’s very unique and fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Good job!

    Only thing I’d lose (imho) is the animated gif at the top of the sidebar. Otherwise, it seems like a nice enough theme.

    It’s not bad at all 😉

    Two points of criticism tho:

    – the animation
    – SLOW loading page (over 5 minutes on dialup)

    Shouldn’t this be in ‘Your WordPress’?

    @monkeypup: I like your comments template, very smooth, and very effective.

    One thing though, your Indiekarma thingo is fading up over your footer bar. Was that intentional?

    Using FF

    @lhk: 5 minutes! Hmm, maybe try it again, it loaded pretty fast for me, granted I’m on broadband, it loaded almost immediately, I didn’t notice any large nasty files floating around.

    Hi again,

    I tried a couple of times, and the *fastest* was 5 minutes.

    It’s a problem I notice lately invading the net, especially as more and more people on broadband design sites (and software), entirely forgetting that there are a gazillion people out there who still use dialup.

    BTW I noticed that WP 2+ is decidedly (!) slower on a dialup than WP 1.5 was.

    The total size of all images is 664417 bytes, which is more than half an MB for a front page. I (old-school) design front pages to not (ever) exceed 20-30 kb, images included.

    See the speed report here:

    And as so noted by the optimizer, these data do not equal what happens when the net is busy or you’re not on full connection. I’m on a simple (non-ISDN) 56k modem dialup line, no frills included.

    Thus five minutes isn’t quite as wondrous a fact as you think 🙂

    There’s lots of room for compression by the way, some of these images have 100+kb. One has even 200+kb.

    @lhk:Wow, I stand corrected, didn’t realise there were 1/2mb of images loaded on the front page.

    Btw, I don’t think front pages that don’t exceed 20-30kb is old school, I’ve never thought of it like that, I’ve always thought of it as just good design. Granted sometimes a design will call for larger file images, this should still not exceed 100kb. Half a meg is ridiculous.

    yeah, imho, anything over 200kb is too big. obviously you have some themes like k2 that have huge javascript includes that make them big, but for you it’s just images.

    one thing I’d keep in mind is post images. this one is over 200 kb, and it need not be more than 10 or 20.

    this one is 90

    this one is 100

    you get the idea

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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