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    I’m not so good at English but I hope you understand me anyway.
    I have problems with the Preference theme because it gets my CPU and virtual memory go through the roof.
    My support has gone through this problem several times and they can only get it to that it’s Preference who is the villain in this case. I’ve picked away almost all plugins. Would very much like to get help with this because I think the theme is so nice.

    I have changed the theme and then there are no problems.
    // Malou

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    Hmm… I’m not sure what to suggest because this is the first time I’ve heard of this happening. When you say your CPU and Memory going through the roof, you are referring to your own computer when viewing the site?

    What happens if you visit the live demo site for Preference Lite? Does the same thing happen?

    I´m sorry the late answer.

    No,it has nothing to do with my computer. The staff at my webhotel says that there are a problem with that theme. They are saying that there are some kind of loop. 2 or 3 times a day for several hours there are 100% usage.
    02-04 11:00-12:00 33 100 100 281.86 676.12 1024 6 17 75
    02-04 12:00-13:00 83 100 100 536.24 869.66 1024 13 23 75
    02-04 13:00-14:00 50 100 100 338.86 1024.00 1024 8 24 75
    Date time .a .m .l .a .m .l .a .m .l

    I have copied information from my cPanel and I hope that you can read it.
    I can give you my password to my page if you think that you can help me. I do not have that knowledge so that I can read html and understand where the problem is. If you want to go into my side maybe you can send me an email address that I can send the password to.
    // Malou

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    Still odd that this is the first time anyone has experienced this, especially after 65,000 downloads, as well my Pro version too. I even checked my server resources and logs for the live demo but there was nothing that stood out.

    However, obviously there is something causing this for you to bring this forward. So I will guess that if you change to a different theme, that you do not experience this? Perhaps try that for a few days and see what happens.

    I’m not sure what I can do at this time. I can say that I have plans to recode the the theme from the ground up.

    If you wish, I could take a quick look in your site if you are ok with that? If so, contact me with your login and I will check it out.

    One more thing…you mentioned you disabled “almost” all plugins…you disabled most but not all of them and went a couple days to see what happens? I would recommend disabling all and trying it for at minimum of 24 hours, preferably 2 days.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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